Ulna Gutter splint

The Ulna Gutter splint is used in the treatment of distal 5th Metacarpal fractures, commonly referred to as ‘Boxer’s Fracture’. These are commonly displaced fractures, requiring some form of manipulation to correct the angle of the 5th Metacarpal head.

You will need

5cm Stockinette
Short 2mm Rigid Vented/Non-vented
Cohesive bandage


Apply two layers of stockinette to the hand, wrist, and 4th and 5th fingers. Buddy strapping fingers will help to prevent rotational deformities.

Place 2mm Woodcast over the Ulna aspect of the forearm, covering 4th and 5th fingers. Smooth along the forearm and into the palm, folding back any excess material, anteriorly, that passes further than the 4th finger.

This will result in a triangular fold on the anterior aspect of the hand.

Ensuring the moulding is held at the metacarpo-interphalangeal joint will help to retain fracture reduction. To speed up the setting, an ice pack or cold wet cotton crepe bandage may be used. Round off any sharp edges and secure with a bandage or hook & loop strapping.

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