Posterior leg splint

The posterior leg splint can be applied to a patient as a first aid splint ahead of surgery for ankle fracture, or as a stretching/resting night splint in a rehabilitation context.

2mm or 4mm Woodcast is suitable for paediatric and adult posterior leg splints respectively.

You will need

7.5 – 10cm Stockinette
Long 4mm Vented
Air Padding
Cohesive Bandage


Apply two layers of stockinette and appropriate padding. Particular consideration should be given to the medial and lateral malleoli and fibula head as compression can result in damage to the common perial nerve and/or pressure sores.

A single 80cm sheet can be used to make the posterior leg splint. Measure for size by applying the warmed material to the patients leg and trimming away any excess.

Open up the vents by up to 30% on the measured sheet.

With the help of an assistant, position the splint and conform into the sole of the foot and up the back of the leg, paying particular attention to the Achilles Tendon and heel.

The Woodcast will create a natural flare at the ankle, cut half way along this flare towards the heel, fold the proximal sides in first, distal over the top and seal.

Ensure the splint allows sufficient flexion of the knee and does not impinge over the toes. Round off the corners.

Allow to cool and secure with an appropriate bandage.

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