Dorsal cast

Dorsal cast is used in the treatment of stable and unstable fractures of the distal Radius. The cast is easy to apply and cost effective

You will need

5cm Stockinette
Short 2mm Rigid Vented/Non-vented
1mm 8cm Ribbon
5cm Cohesive bandage


Cut two pieces of stockinette to size. Check skin quality and apply Air Padding, if required, between the first and second layer of stockinette, considering anatomical bony prominences such as Ulna Styloid. Make sure the cast is the correct length.

Heat the 2mm sheet and open the vents up by pulling at both sides. Place onto the dorsal aspect of the injured forearm. Smooth the cast over the limb with your hands.

Cut away any excess material allowing for elbow flexion. Cut proximal to the metacarpal heads to allow free movement of the fingers. Trim well around the thumb, ensuring it is well fitted through web space and the thumb can move freely without irritation.

Pay particular attention to any bony prominences, conforming the cast well over these areas. Leave a gap on the anterior aspect of the forearm. Apply a cotton crepe or cohesive bandage to secure the cast in place. If concerned about compliance, secure with 1mm Ribbon before bandaging.

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