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A game changing material

Our customers choose Woodcast due to its superior ease of use, high quality and occupational safety.

Better for the patient

Woodcast casts and splints are light, breathable and non-allergenic.

Safe for the personnel

Forget toxins and dusts. Woodcast is safe, natural and can be used with bare hands.

X-ray transparent

Woodcast is x-ray transparent, making imaging after casting more convenient.


Woodcast is 100% bio-degradeable and certified as a sustainable material.

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Easy application in three steps

1. Heat up a sheet

After 2-3 minutes in a heating device,  Woodcast becomes soft and sticky, ready to be applied.

2. Apply to target

You can shape the material with bare hands. Woodcast is self-adhesive, making it easy to form a perfect splint.

3. Let cool

The material hardens and sets in place as it cools. The finished application is lightweight, breathable and X-ray transparent.

“We use Woodcast for all applications. It's easy to use and remould. It took some time to get used to the material, but after several weeks it became easier.”
Michiel Moens
St. Jansdal Hospital
“This splinting material is a delight to use. In the short time I have been using the material, it has proven versatile, clean and remarkably easy to apply.
Jaycee Bricolage
Orthopaedic Practitioner
“We have been nothing but satisfied, both with the material and the cooperation. The thinking along, the start-up training of a new colleague, a free course: magnificent!”
Nicole Cremers
Fysio Expert, Manager
“I work with Woodcast because the material is easy to use, makes a difference regarding health safety, and is attractively priced.”
Jan Cees Reijnders
VUMC Amsterdam, Plaster Master
“Woodcast helps the orthopaedic practitioner find easy solutions to complex splinting needs. The patients all seem happy with its weight and ease of wearing.”
Jaycee Bricolage
Orthopaedic Practitioner

Perfect for casting and splinting

Learning to use Woodcast is quick.

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